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Monday, 3 September 2012

30 day 3..yellow nails

So, its day 3 of the 30 day challenge and today we are doing yellow nails.  Now yesterday i had the dilemma that i always worried orange didn't suit my nails and i was kinda pleased with the i surprise myself again.  Yellow has always been an odd colour for me...being pale skinned it's always never been one of my go to colours.

When Color Club released their take wing collection i knew i had to own them...including the yellow just for the name!  I put it away and must admit i forgot all about it until now.  OMG i can't believe i did that, daisy does it is beyond gorgeous! It is a beautiful sunny yellow packed full of golden shimmer, that really is visible in all lights!  I am gutted that i have left it this long to wear this colour as this is just perfect for spring/summer....why oh why didnt i take advantage of it before!  Luckily its been a beautiful day here in the UK so it's not all bad!

I decided to jazz this up a little by doing an abstract design with Opi alpine snow...i think it looks kinda cool!  Stay tuned for tomorrow....i have one hot green coming your way!


  1. It's just like a sunny glitter bomb :) Very nice.