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Thursday, 23 August 2012

pahlish typewriter keys

Hello my fellow bloggers.  Well deep breath this is the amazing  Pahlish Typewriter keys for you.  Now i'll be honest, this is not something i usually wear but after hearing so many great things about pahlish polishes i wanted a bit of the action so i bought a few when the lovely leah ann Llarowe started stocking them...boy I'm sooooo glad i did stumble on this!!  Its a polish defiantly used for layering and i did so with Misa grey matters...perfect combination in my eyes.  It is made up in a clear base with tiny fine holographic glitter that shines ultra sparkly in the sun...i honestly couldn't keep my eyes from my nails when i wore this especially as here in the UK we have had some super lovely weather for a change!  The contrast of the black and white shards of glitter makes this one interesting polish!

It applied lovely..much nicer than i thought it would..dried nice and quickly...I'm a happy bunny now i have discovered fact i have just relised she has own her etsy shop and have just bought glittoris (such a funny name!! and sullen girl)

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