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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Girly bits rogue

Get ready folks, i have another frigging amazing polish for you from Girly bits, it's called rogue.  By now i hope you know what a HUGE fan of this line of polishes i am, and let me tell you this is the reason i love pams polishes so much!

This is definitely a wow polish...beware, only wear rogue if you want to get noticed because...for goodness sake, this is amazing!  It is a beautiful! it's the best red i own!    Its a glitter fest!

OK so description...its a beautiful red jelly polish packed with purple, red and pink glitter.  This is meant to dazzle and it does, and bought to life when t/c is applied.  Pam has outdone herself here.  After misreading the name (doh!), thinking it was called 'rouge' i thought that name was a tad boring, however its actually rogue which now has my attention....and talking of attention thankyou to the lovely Lori Y for correcting me....i do have blonde days and this was one of them!  You can buy this polish at Llarowe or at Pams shop here


  1. The name is actually Rogue! Which is much less blah ;)

    1. hehe i stand corrected Lori, ill correct that right now...oops! xx