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Sunday, 26 August 2012

nails inc Baker Street review

I am a sucker for a blue polish, i believe I've already said that those are always the ones i gravitate towards first.  Ive seen Baker Street in the shops for a while now and i ALWAYS pick this one up, today was no exception, i was going a little giddy at the polishes and knowing how many i have i put it down and decided to be sensible.  Luckily my   for me y lovely husband       roped my daughter into telling him which one i was admiring and bam...i have THREE new polishes, Baker Street, Warwick Way and Belgrave Place all by nails inc.

This blue is beyond stunning, its a perfect cobalt blue, bright but extremely summery!  It has more of a violet undertone thing going on, making this stand out from your bog standard blue and not going the complete other direction of being 'blurple'.  It applied beautifully, opaque in just 2 coats (maybe even just the 1!)...self levelling loveliness.  I used a coat of seche vite...look how friggin shiny it is!! 

Just for the record to, as i said i have been lusting after this shade for aggges, it has made me extremely happy to report one of THE most stylish woman in the world also sported this exact shade..the beautiful Beyonce....i have only just found this out and it did make me smile...i knew i had an eye for a good shade!

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