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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Girly bits ... razzle dazzle .....OMG!

Ohhh my god....!!! Pams Girly bits Razzle dazzle is next up for me to review for you, and what a polish this is!!  I cannot begin to tell you guys how much i adore this from the bottle and the cute little gem on the front to the name (which my beautiful sister and i have affectionately named wazzle dazzle!)...that's even before Ive actually tried this out.  When i did i was absolutely blown away, and i received many many compliments when i wore it.  My hands looked like sparkly jewels...i was unable to stop admiring it in the sunlight...inside light..hell even in the dark!!...i know...i know I'm rambling like a mad woman, lets see the pics then you will understand why..oh btw did i tell you i love this polish!!

So this polish has a magenta base and is packed solid with magenta glitter, blue glitter and red glitter.  The formula was perfect as always and was opaque in only 2 coats.  I had no issues with balding patches here, and its pretty self levelling to.  As with most glitters it dries a little matte but with a coat of trusty seche vite this really injected life into the polish.  If you are umming and ahhhhing  jump straight on the computer and BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT!! you can find it here big cartel or at Llarowe

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