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Friday, 24 August 2012

opi pedal faster suzi caviar nails

Hi there lovely people.  I thought i would show you my Opi Pedal faster suzi, with my ring finger done with 'caviar' beads. I have seen the amazing caviar nails done with Ciate.  This can work out quite expensive tbh, a set costs i believe around £18.  You can however do you own version with tiny micro beads. 

I purchased Opi Pedal faster suzi from Capital hair and beauty, oh my gosh i did adore this colour!  It is from the Holland collection.  As you can see it is the pinnacle of girlyness everything that is good and lovely has been wrapped up in this bottle...beautiful baby pink colour with a lovely silver white it a perfect interesting dimension.  This is super super flattering, and being an Opi brand you know you cant really go wrong!

So for this look i popped my chosen colours of micro beads into a container and mixed them up, i painted my nails (dahh!) and while they were still wet i dipped my finger into the beads and gently tapped the excess of.  You will get the off straggler that likes to be out of place so i gently tapped it into place with an orange wood stick.  Once i got the desired amount into the right place i 'sealed' this with a couple of coats of seche vite.  This was enough for the beads to stay put...some might prefer to use some gel top coat for extra support but for me i only used a regular t/c because i change polish so often..haha.

I absolutely love the way this turned out and recieved many compliments..its a cheap way of doing the caviar nails but sooo effective.  Hope you guys have enjoyed it xxx

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