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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Nails inc Pudding Lane Sprinkles

Another day, another manicure to show you..arnt i good!  Today's beauty for you in Nails inc Pudding Lane from the sprinkles collection.  This collection was released back in June this year.  Four polishes were released from this collection, Pudding Lane, Sweets Way, Topping Lane and Sugar House Lane. 

I grabbed the Pudding Lane swiftly as this is the one that 'spoke' to me the always my instincts proved right, this is defo my fave from the bunch! 

This polish holds a pastel blue/ teal base with matte gold and dark blue glitter...used  for the 'sprinkles'.  It really is an interesting polish, definitely not your usual glitter polish.  It also offered great coverage, opaque in just 2 coats...and with a coat of seche vite it sparkled beautifully.


  1. this one in particular is rather beautiful essie...i say go for it!! xxxx