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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Floam nail polish review

ohhhh my gosh, so this is my first blog and what a polish to start off with! I have for you the amazing floam made by ninja polish. I almost wet myself with excitement when i got this as i had pretty much resigned myself to being 'floamless' my whole life, as this is like gold dust to get hold of! Anyways, this is THE most amazing mix of neon matte green, blue and yellow glitters....that dont sparkle. I love it either with or without t/c! I had heard that this polish was hellish to apply but myself and my amazing sister had no application problems at all, it was opaque in just 2 coats...i used 3 though, and it has the most amazing finish with trust seche over the top. I cant tell you how amazing this is, i couldnt stop looking at my fingers when i had this warned though this was by far the most time consuming polish i had to remove....defo a tin foil or soak off moment but its worth every boring minute taking it off! This is the polish any nail polish enthusiast should own...period!Cool

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