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Thursday, 23 August 2012

London olympic nails...go team GB!

So I'm not pretending to be into the Olympics in anyway shape or form really...except for the closing ceremony which i thought was great, and even though i wasn't really into the whole thing i did feel extremely proud of all the athletes and proud we hosted such a great event in London!  Was so great to see the spice girls whizzing about on taxis and the mighty take that were amazing, not to mention all the wonder GB team showing their medals off. 

The nail art worn by some of the woman during the event was fantastic to see, it made me want to jump in on this and do my own design (ish).  I mist admit the rings were an absolute pain to do and i felt like chopping my own hand off in order to do it better...but hand in tact i persevered and got it somewhat like i wanted it. 

I hope you guys like my little contribution, all be it a bit late so my apologies guys xxx

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