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Thursday, 23 August 2012

girly bits jelly shoes ....yeah baby!

Ahhh girly bits girly bits girly bits, this is fast becoming my fave indie brand, they are all just so beautiful, they haven't let me down and constantly live up to my high expectations.  So when i saw that the  new slapdash collection was being released to say i was excited was an understatement!!  3 polishes caught my eye immediately and i just knew i had to own them, they were the adorable names jelly bean shoes, Arctic sunrise and c u blue.  When Llarowe put them up on sight i was like a whippet snagging all 3....and I'm still wanting the others! 

Anyhow back to business, jelly bean shoes, yes it lives up to its name perfectly, making me think of the cutest shoes back in the 80's that you wore to the beach, i actually remember my beautiful sister losing her beloved jelly bean shoe in the water at the beach one day :(  so this polish is the cutest pink ever, it is a 'hot pink' but its not overly neon making it striking enough to wear everyday but not stupid bright like a glow stick! It has beautiful pink and purple duo chrome shimmer, that really comes alive in the sunlight.  I loved this pink and found the formula always perfect.  Dry time was good also.

So basically i think Pam has knocked out another beauty in this polish and i highly recommend you get it if you love pinks...i own many and don't have a dupe! oh i forgot to mention on my ring finger i 'jazzed' it up with opi i lily love you. You can find these on Llarowe or here

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