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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Nails inc warwick way

Ahhhh Warwick i adore you!!  On my recent jolly to Bluewater this baby found its way into my shopping bag (omg that so sounds like i stole it or something...i swear this was a lawful purchase hehe!).  I was debating on this one or a bright pink, instincts prevailed and once again I'm glad i followed them! 

This is a beautiful neon(ish) teal/green cream.  This is such a beautiful colour in the flesh, my camera really didn't want to capture this properly, its much more green in real life than my picture shows...such a shame because i tried capturing this is numerous light settings and it just wasn't having it...and after googling other pics of this polish i see i am not alone in trying..and failing to get the right picture!  Take it from someone who knows a beautiful colour when i see it this is lovely.  Application was a dream, 2 coats and your good to go! it is super shiny, even without a topcoat but i cant go without one so a coat of seche vite and wow...i did make it shine even more!

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