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Thursday, 30 August 2012

365 days of color summer dream

So, yesterday i raved and raved about the fantastic polishes i received from sunny at 365 days....i couldn't wait to try out another offering of hers so i opted for summer i know i i have raved about polishes on here i adore them, this is a fact.....this one is no different!  I was in such a rush to try this on, my last mani lasted hours, this was calling me from my beauty box! 

This is the most pretty colour in the flesh let me tell you.  It is a lovely light blue/ minty very soft and extremely pretty, with green, pink, purple, yellow and red different shaped glitter with finer micro glitter scattered throughout.  This polish actually does remind me of Deborah lippmanns glitter in the air, which i also own...i have to say i think this one beats Lippmanns which surprises me cos i love it!! 

I used 3 coats for this and whilst next time i probably would use a base colour just so i can preserve some of this gold, i also adore it without 'undies'.  This smoothed right out with only one coat of seche vite.

I think i may well have found a new indie seller that i will have to own most of their collections!  Sunny has been super friendly and really approachable, i am sold! 
 Also i am a sucker for a pretty cute they are...i love that it fits nicely into my case, being a slim bottle, but still big enough to feel you have a good sized bottle there!  Well done to all at 365 days for all they do...keep tuned for other reviews as i have a nice stash coming from this seller!...happy Thursday peeps!

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