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Friday, 24 August 2012

girly bits into the night ....AMAZING!

I know i know, i am going to rave again about another girly bits polish...this one up next is the mighty, and i mean mighty, into the night.  As soon as i saw this on Llarowe i KNEW it was going to be mine, it was like it was written in the stars (get it?! hehe).  I waited and waited for my lovely postman to pop it through the door and when he did..i had to sit down and take a moment!!  It is beyond what i expected, which is what I've come to expect from these amazing creations! 
ohh my friggin god...just look at that sparkle!

The name couldn't be more appropriate, looking into the bottle makes me think of a beautiful starry night sky...warm summer nights when the sky is extra magical, the stars are twinkling away...maybe an odd shooting star...yup this is what I'm painting on my nails!  This is a black jelly base which is stacked solid with purple, pink and green glitter.  I cannot get enough of this polish, its jelly base allows the glitter to shine like real stars in the sunlight..even in the shade its blooming amazing!  Buy buy buy is my advice here...word of warning though, if this is your first girly bits polish it soooo wont be your last...this stuff is addictive!
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