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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Candeo colors orchid

Candeo colors orchid.  I know I'm raving about all my polishes here, i wanted to start off with the  beauties, and this is definitely one of them.  I had felt the buzz around this brand when llarowe announced she would be carrying her line.  I must admit i jumped with both feet on board and got carried away with the hype along with everyone else...i am glad i did.  I ordered Orchid and Jelly Bean at the same time super super quick...seriously my fingers worked harder than the rest of me all year hehe!  I was elated to get my order confirmation through....exhale mimi, you have done it!  After stalking the site these babies were going to be made it extra exciting seeing how quick these sold out...i think if my memory serves me right this was such a fast sellout everyone was in shock!....especially poor leah ann who's website couldn't take the demand and these oversold!  i was gutted to learn this as we were warned some people might have to either wait for the next shipment or be refunded, i was sure it would be me....i was wrong!  I was actually at a concert when i received my shipping notice and i swear to god i literally jumped for joy....llarowe had come through as always! I know I'm rambling but you have to understand....for someone like me this is like a huge deal! hehe.

  So another day another mani and here is orchid...totally worth is amazzzzzing!  It is made up of a magenta shimmery jelly base and has small copper and  purple glitter and large silver glitter.   I adore how the fuchsia/magenta base has a blue/purple tone to it, this is a polish to adore people.....i used 3 coats for these undies and one coat of trusty seche vite to make it smooth as a baby's bum!...........keep eyes peeled as jelly bean will follow soon!
You can buy these amazing polishes at Llarowe or on etsy

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