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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

365 days of color Darya

Myself and glitter go together like apple and pie...ant and dec (sorry international lovelies but every brit knows who ant and dec are!) or like cotton and candy!  When i got my nail mail this morning i received my polishes from sunny at 365 days of color, included was this cute little mini called Darya which this lovely lady had thrown in free for me!  I had on the prefect base colour for this, Warwick way by nails i hastily put a couple of coats over WW and wow wow wow!  First let the pics do the talking here, check it out!

How  lovely this is in the flesh is beyond great, in looked pretty amazing in the bottle but it translates to the nail perfectly!  It is a pretty clear base polish suspended with aqua/teal larger hex glitters and lovely teal micro glitter scattered.  I love this because the larger hex glitters flash from teal/aqua to silver in different lighting. 

It applied beautifully with no clumping.  The glitters laid very flat to the nail, making this a lovely smooth polish when top coat is applied....dry time was quick. 

As a newbie customer of sunnys' i am really impressed by the quality of this polish and by the customer service she applies.  The polishes come beautifully and  securely wrapped and the little cards she uses to say what is included in the order were super super cute!  I also loved the bottles!  i can't wait to try the others i got from her...stay tuned peeps!  You can buy from the lovely sunny here


  1. Wow, love your nails! I got a little bottle of Darya with my latest order too :D I was so super pumped because I don't have anything like it in my collection, and though I don't normaly love glitter just because of removal I was more than willing to overlook that for this glitter :D It's beautiful!

    1. thankyou so much for checking it out Erica! I really did love this one on, it is very pretty. Glitter is always hard to remove isnt it...although i am just in the midst of trying the pva glue trick...ill keep you posted to see if it works as well as i hop it will...then it's all about the glitter! hope you enjoy Darya like i did! xxx