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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Enchanted polish starbright sprinkles

I do love a bit of Enchanted Polish and right now i am going to show you starbright sparkles.  I will say this polish is now discontinued :( if you do manage to track it down, grab it while you can!

This is a beautiful polish, so very interesting to look at, super girly and super cute!  it has a lovely soft grey (maybe even a tinge of lavender in there!) base colour and it is jam packed with silver, green, pink, blue,  and gold  multiple sized glitter.  I adored this polish it really is a lovely combo.  It took 3 coats to have full coverage and with a layer of seche vite it was perfectly smooth!

Enchanted polish has some really lovely colours to behold, if you're a holo lover then this is the brand for you...stay tuned cos ive got tons to show you of this brand!  You can buy enchanted polish at Llarowe

a england tristam

I know this polish has been around for like donkeys years now, but for someone like me who adores a good would feel just damn wrong to do this blog and not include this lovely in it!  Tristam had my heart as soon as i became familiar with this brand...blues are always the first to find their way into my stash and i just knew this one would be mine. 

I have to say there are some wicked pictures on the Internet of tristam, the likes of scrangie have captured it beautifully...really showcasing the depth of colour and the scattered holo ..but wow, this bad boy is really something else in person! 

I adore the shade of blue..deep velvety loveliness that applied like butter and dried so quickly!  The holo was really sparkly outside..a little more subtle inside but seriously trust me when i say its amazing!  This was a 2 coater for me....this will not be my only a england polish for sure!  After a couple of days i decided to stamp over my ring and thumb finger with worth the risque by color club...perfect combo!

monarch butterfly nail art

I was having a little nosey at some nail art on the Internet and i came across some really cool yellow monarch butterfly nails and i thought i would give it a little go on myself.  This was surprisingly easy to do and i was pleased with the end result.  Instead of using a yellow base like the nails i saw were, i decided to 'girly' it up even more by using the beautiful strawberry fields as the main colour.  Once again i am reminded how much i adore strawberry fields, stunning colour!

I hope you guys like this design...please feel free to offer feedback xx

Girly bits rogue

Get ready folks, i have another frigging amazing polish for you from Girly bits, it's called rogue.  By now i hope you know what a HUGE fan of this line of polishes i am, and let me tell you this is the reason i love pams polishes so much!

This is definitely a wow polish...beware, only wear rogue if you want to get noticed because...for goodness sake, this is amazing!  It is a beautiful! it's the best red i own!    Its a glitter fest!

OK so description...its a beautiful red jelly polish packed with purple, red and pink glitter.  This is meant to dazzle and it does, and bought to life when t/c is applied.  Pam has outdone herself here.  After misreading the name (doh!), thinking it was called 'rouge' i thought that name was a tad boring, however its actually rogue which now has my attention....and talking of attention thankyou to the lovely Lori Y for correcting me....i do have blonde days and this was one of them!  You can buy this polish at Llarowe or at Pams shop here

365 days of color summer dream

So, yesterday i raved and raved about the fantastic polishes i received from sunny at 365 days....i couldn't wait to try out another offering of hers so i opted for summer i know i i have raved about polishes on here i adore them, this is a fact.....this one is no different!  I was in such a rush to try this on, my last mani lasted hours, this was calling me from my beauty box! 

This is the most pretty colour in the flesh let me tell you.  It is a lovely light blue/ minty very soft and extremely pretty, with green, pink, purple, yellow and red different shaped glitter with finer micro glitter scattered throughout.  This polish actually does remind me of Deborah lippmanns glitter in the air, which i also own...i have to say i think this one beats Lippmanns which surprises me cos i love it!! 

I used 3 coats for this and whilst next time i probably would use a base colour just so i can preserve some of this gold, i also adore it without 'undies'.  This smoothed right out with only one coat of seche vite.

I think i may well have found a new indie seller that i will have to own most of their collections!  Sunny has been super friendly and really approachable, i am sold! 
 Also i am a sucker for a pretty cute they are...i love that it fits nicely into my case, being a slim bottle, but still big enough to feel you have a good sized bottle there!  Well done to all at 365 days for all they do...keep tuned for other reviews as i have a nice stash coming from this seller!...happy Thursday peeps!

butterfly nails over china glaze 108 degrees

Like i said in my previous post my daughter and her friend wanted their nails done for a book signing today of a girl group here in the UK.  My little Umu wanted some butterfly's on her nails so we used the beautiful China Glaze 108 degrees.  oh my i actually forgot how much i adore this polish, it really is lovely...well it must be, it was half empty which is a sure sign i adore a polish!  108 degrees the most pretty pink ever i think, it has a delicate golden shimmer to it, which i think suits Umu down to the ground! 

For the butterfly's i used Opi Alpine snow, which i adore for stamping btw!  The butterflies could have been positioned a little better but i was so tired last night it had to do...overall i think this looks so pretty on her!

paint drip nails

God im a good mummy!  My daughter and her friend roped me into taking them to a Little Mix book signing at Bluewater really early this morning, so they had a sleep over last night and wanted their nails done for the occasion!  I was soooo tired last night but i can't never refuse the opportunity to get down and dirty with some polish....she wanted drip nails so she got drip nails..what do you guys think? 

Considering i was beat last night from a looong day i think they turned out quite well!!  I used Opi alpine snow for the base as well as Opi funny bunny just to soften the white a little....then i used random Essie polishes for the 'drips'....hope you guys like them! xxxx

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

365 days of color Darya

Myself and glitter go together like apple and pie...ant and dec (sorry international lovelies but every brit knows who ant and dec are!) or like cotton and candy!  When i got my nail mail this morning i received my polishes from sunny at 365 days of color, included was this cute little mini called Darya which this lovely lady had thrown in free for me!  I had on the prefect base colour for this, Warwick way by nails i hastily put a couple of coats over WW and wow wow wow!  First let the pics do the talking here, check it out!

How  lovely this is in the flesh is beyond great, in looked pretty amazing in the bottle but it translates to the nail perfectly!  It is a pretty clear base polish suspended with aqua/teal larger hex glitters and lovely teal micro glitter scattered.  I love this because the larger hex glitters flash from teal/aqua to silver in different lighting. 

It applied beautifully with no clumping.  The glitters laid very flat to the nail, making this a lovely smooth polish when top coat is applied....dry time was quick. 

As a newbie customer of sunnys' i am really impressed by the quality of this polish and by the customer service she applies.  The polishes come beautifully and  securely wrapped and the little cards she uses to say what is included in the order were super super cute!  I also loved the bottles!  i can't wait to try the others i got from her...stay tuned peeps!  You can buy from the lovely sunny here

Nails inc warwick way

Ahhhh Warwick i adore you!!  On my recent jolly to Bluewater this baby found its way into my shopping bag (omg that so sounds like i stole it or something...i swear this was a lawful purchase hehe!).  I was debating on this one or a bright pink, instincts prevailed and once again I'm glad i followed them! 

This is a beautiful neon(ish) teal/green cream.  This is such a beautiful colour in the flesh, my camera really didn't want to capture this properly, its much more green in real life than my picture shows...such a shame because i tried capturing this is numerous light settings and it just wasn't having it...and after googling other pics of this polish i see i am not alone in trying..and failing to get the right picture!  Take it from someone who knows a beautiful colour when i see it this is lovely.  Application was a dream, 2 coats and your good to go! it is super shiny, even without a topcoat but i cant go without one so a coat of seche vite and wow...i did make it shine even more!

Jade holographic delirio rosa

Hope this Wednesday sees everyone with smiles on faces.  So it's a bit gloomy here in the UK, the sun seems to have get up and gone, so i thought i would add a little sunshine through my laptop to you.  I have today a jade polish called delirio rosa. 

I do love a good holographic pink and when i saw this one i was like, 'yep, I'll have a bit of that'.  I wasn't disappointed when this arrived and as per usual off come my polish and this went straight on!  for goodness sake just have a look at the holo in this, it is really strong in the flesh! 

It is a beautiful girlie bright pink....very 'barbie' actually, and as i say it has a strong linear holographic sparkle to it...especially in the sunlight!  It was opaque in 2 coats and totally kept its sparkle when seche vote was added...beautiful! you can buy these polishes here at Llarowe

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

love and kisses nails...rocker style!

Rocker chick meets punkey cute!  Another offering on my daughters nails.  I adored this art on Lucys nails, it' s so cutesy yet has that edge to making them girly funk!

I can indeed confirm my lucy is the envy of her guide group when she goes every Friday night sporting a new design!  Hope you guys like this xxx

union jack nails

This blog will contain a lot of my pictures of my daughters nails as well as mine...mostly because she has bloody fab nails to work on and she is at that age where she wants a little summin summin on them so it's always fun to have a play. 

Here we celebrate the British nail blogger!  Even though i am new to actually posting my pics to blogger and sharing my views on certain polishes i am far from 'new' with reading blogs, and i adore nail art and blogs for that matter that pay homage to all things British!  So here i am offering my little slice of Britain on my beautiful daughters nails....and what better way to say i am proud to be British than do union jacks?  I hope you guys like this, i think they look pretty cool!

nautical nails

Hey peeps!  My daughter had a school play not so long ago, she played a captain of a ship (of which she performed a blinder thank you very much) order for her to step into character we decided on these cool nautical nails. 

The blue is Opi dating a royal....i have to say this is a beautiful blue, it is a deep, bright navy creme that applied like a charm...opaque in 2 coats...omg i love it! hope you guys like the nails!

Nails inc Pudding Lane Sprinkles

Another day, another manicure to show you..arnt i good!  Today's beauty for you in Nails inc Pudding Lane from the sprinkles collection.  This collection was released back in June this year.  Four polishes were released from this collection, Pudding Lane, Sweets Way, Topping Lane and Sugar House Lane. 

I grabbed the Pudding Lane swiftly as this is the one that 'spoke' to me the always my instincts proved right, this is defo my fave from the bunch! 

This polish holds a pastel blue/ teal base with matte gold and dark blue glitter...used  for the 'sprinkles'.  It really is an interesting polish, definitely not your usual glitter polish.  It also offered great coverage, opaque in just 2 coats...and with a coat of seche vite it sparkled beautifully.

Monday, 27 August 2012

cosmic ocean girly bits

Hello lovely polish fans, hope your holiday Monday is treating you well.  I thought today i would show you cosmic ocean by girly bits.

This is a fabulous duo chrome topcoat that changes colours from blue to green to teal! Pam says it is best layered over darker colours and i couldn't agree more, i layered it over c u blue (again girly bits) and i fell in love with it immediately.  It completely changed the dimension of the c u blue polish and added depth of colour!  It dried super fast and with an added coat of seche it really made this sparkle in the sun! ...Again a super addition to pams creations

i am in awe of her for making such stunning polishes! i have nothing to gain by being completely honest here but girly bits is the ultimate indie for me....i only wish i lived in a place i could watch someone like pam work, it would be fab! you can buy these polishes at Llarowe or in Pams shop here

Sunday, 26 August 2012

nails inc Baker Street review

I am a sucker for a blue polish, i believe I've already said that those are always the ones i gravitate towards first.  Ive seen Baker Street in the shops for a while now and i ALWAYS pick this one up, today was no exception, i was going a little giddy at the polishes and knowing how many i have i put it down and decided to be sensible.  Luckily my   for me y lovely husband       roped my daughter into telling him which one i was admiring and bam...i have THREE new polishes, Baker Street, Warwick Way and Belgrave Place all by nails inc.

This blue is beyond stunning, its a perfect cobalt blue, bright but extremely summery!  It has more of a violet undertone thing going on, making this stand out from your bog standard blue and not going the complete other direction of being 'blurple'.  It applied beautifully, opaque in just 2 coats (maybe even just the 1!)...self levelling loveliness.  I used a coat of seche vite...look how friggin shiny it is!! 

Just for the record to, as i said i have been lusting after this shade for aggges, it has made me extremely happy to report one of THE most stylish woman in the world also sported this exact shade..the beautiful Beyonce....i have only just found this out and it did make me smile...i knew i had an eye for a good shade!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Candeo colors orchid

Candeo colors orchid.  I know I'm raving about all my polishes here, i wanted to start off with the  beauties, and this is definitely one of them.  I had felt the buzz around this brand when llarowe announced she would be carrying her line.  I must admit i jumped with both feet on board and got carried away with the hype along with everyone else...i am glad i did.  I ordered Orchid and Jelly Bean at the same time super super quick...seriously my fingers worked harder than the rest of me all year hehe!  I was elated to get my order confirmation through....exhale mimi, you have done it!  After stalking the site these babies were going to be made it extra exciting seeing how quick these sold out...i think if my memory serves me right this was such a fast sellout everyone was in shock!....especially poor leah ann who's website couldn't take the demand and these oversold!  i was gutted to learn this as we were warned some people might have to either wait for the next shipment or be refunded, i was sure it would be me....i was wrong!  I was actually at a concert when i received my shipping notice and i swear to god i literally jumped for joy....llarowe had come through as always! I know I'm rambling but you have to understand....for someone like me this is like a huge deal! hehe.

  So another day another mani and here is orchid...totally worth is amazzzzzing!  It is made up of a magenta shimmery jelly base and has small copper and  purple glitter and large silver glitter.   I adore how the fuchsia/magenta base has a blue/purple tone to it, this is a polish to adore people.....i used 3 coats for these undies and one coat of trusty seche vite to make it smooth as a baby's bum!...........keep eyes peeled as jelly bean will follow soon!
You can buy these amazing polishes at Llarowe or on etsy

new york skyline nails

I did some fab New York nails for my daughter, she has an absolute obsession for all things New York and i thought we would incorporate this onto her nails.  I thought i would do a new york skyline for her and although it could have been better, for a first go i was kinda pleased at how they turned out.

We really want to visit new york in the future, especially my hubby who is a big fan of the new york day it will happen...a lovely day when i can visit all the cool shops that are there and pick up some beauties to how off on here........'please' she says, 'not to far away'.....a girlie can dream cant she?

girly bits daddy's little girl

Another amazing girly bits polish for you now...i make no excuses i love girly bits polish, its all just to beautiful for me or my purse to take!  so this is daddy's little girl for you...i adore blues when a new collection is released it's usually the blues i snap up first, I'm so very glad i drop kicked this bad boy into my cart!  This really is a mammoth polish and i guarantee when you wear it you will be non stop looking at it..i was and I'm not ashamed to admit it...i may have even had near misses in my car paying to much attention to my sparkly digits!

Daddy's little girl had me when i saw the name, a cute name for a cutesy polish.  When my lovely sister saw this she HAD to own it fact i gave her mine and ordered another immediately!  As with all the girly bits polishes i own this applied beautifully.  I did layer this over A England order of the garter which was a perfect combo.  Daddy's little girl is made up of larger lighter hex  blue glitters, smaller darker blue glitter and purple larger and smaller glitter, this is all in a cobalt blue base...making this a really unique, wearable polish that will a staple in my stash forever!  I used 2 coats for the pics.  This was perfectly smooth with a good coat of seche vite.

I bought this, as i do all my girly bits from the lovely Llarowe, if you haven't checked her site yet...DO IT, she stocks some of the most amazing polishes and has THE best service!  You can find it here or check out girly bits big cartel

daughters fun n funky animal print nails

My lovely daughter asked me to do something fun and funky for her shopping trip.  She adores bright colours..funky designs and we came up with these animal print nails..perfect i think for a lovely bright afternoon shopping!

I used sunshine pop by china glaze for the base, i adore this colour on her.

hare polish afterglow review

I adore indie polishes, there are some really cool indie makers out there and in my quest to own as many indies as i can i came across hare polish.  When i saw afterglow i was like 'hell yes'...blues are my downfall and this one spoke to me immediately.  The picture of it that i first saw showed the polish layered over a vibrant blue, which made me think it was going to be sheer or need lots of coats to build the colour nicely...thankfully this proved not to be the case.

When this was delivered i was beyond excited to try it because omg it was even better than i thought it would be.  So off  i went to remove my mani and try this bad boy out.  Its a beautiful  royal blue polish that glides on the nail like butter.  It has lovely pink hex glitters in the polish along with orange glitter and pink micro glitter. 

I used 3 coats of afterglow, this offered a great even coverage, topped off with seche vite it was perfect.  I am so so glad that i have dog day dream, twilight savings, cosmo blossoms and asteroid turf to try out......keep watching this blog as they will be coming soon!  you can find these polishes at llarowe or hare polish on etsy

Friday, 24 August 2012

ideas.....come on gys, give me some?!

I love nail polish...i love nail art...i love anything nails..hence the reason i am up at silly o clock again writing and bloging for you beautiful people.  I am asking you guys for some suggestions of what you would like me to try out and then post on here...maybe a review of a certain polish or a design you would like to see?  I really want to make this a fun and interesting blog for you guys to look at and need some come on guys comment and let me know, my love and polish hugs to you all xxx

my eyeball nails

I love a fun piece of nail art, and i love nothing more than to just sit down and have a play about.  I found this design in the Wah nail book and decided to give it a go on boring Sunday.  Now obviously i wouldn't usually go about with my nails dressed up as eyeballs don't get me wrong, but if i was a young kooky teenager, with a quirky sense of style, this would be totally up my street! or actually this would look so bloody cool for Halloween?! ...what do you guys think? 

girly bits into the night ....AMAZING!

I know i know, i am going to rave again about another girly bits polish...this one up next is the mighty, and i mean mighty, into the night.  As soon as i saw this on Llarowe i KNEW it was going to be mine, it was like it was written in the stars (get it?! hehe).  I waited and waited for my lovely postman to pop it through the door and when he did..i had to sit down and take a moment!!  It is beyond what i expected, which is what I've come to expect from these amazing creations! 
ohh my friggin god...just look at that sparkle!

The name couldn't be more appropriate, looking into the bottle makes me think of a beautiful starry night sky...warm summer nights when the sky is extra magical, the stars are twinkling away...maybe an odd shooting star...yup this is what I'm painting on my nails!  This is a black jelly base which is stacked solid with purple, pink and green glitter.  I cannot get enough of this polish, its jelly base allows the glitter to shine like real stars in the sunlight..even in the shade its blooming amazing!  Buy buy buy is my advice here...word of warning though, if this is your first girly bits polish it soooo wont be your last...this stuff is addictive!
You can also find these here