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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Pretty and Polished Party Time! And Year One!

I have been itching to show you these polishes.  I bring you Pretty & Polished Party Time and Year One.  Chelsea released these polishes back in November to celebrate her first year bringing us beauties on Etsy and as soon as i saw them i knew i just had to own both of them, especially as there was only a tiny amount of these to be made, making them very sought after.....of course Mimi will own them!  A sincere congrats to her!

So first up i will show you, Year One.  This one only got to me this morning....and wow, it was worth the wait.  Year one is THE most beautiful  milky baby blue polish, when you really examine the polish it really is quite complex.  Y1 is made up with amazingly pretty green and turquoise small square glitters, purple large diamond glitters, silver hex glitters and micro blue glitters.  The glitters in this polish truly compliment the base colour, super well done to Chelsea for creating this all know i love a blue!

Next up is Party Time!  Yep she should have a party...whilst wearing this.....OMG i ADORE it!!!  I got this a couple of weeks back and have been dying to try it, but i wanted to bring you these swatches together...again, this was worth the wait.  Party Time is a hot magenta pink jelly base  with large bright blue and a slightly darker blue and pink hex glitters and purple and magenta micro glitters.  I cannot tell you how stunning this is in the flesh, so girly and fun...i love it!!!

I used 3 coats for each of these polishes and both applied easily....dry time fantastic.  You can find P&P here on etsy or shopify or evn on facebook where you can keep up to date on offers and new releases!

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