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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Hanukkah Floam Ninja Polish

Happy new years eve eve beauties!!  As a pre new year treat i am bringing you Hanukkah Floam by Ninja Polish, FYI Hanukkah is also known as the festival of lights......damn Right this polish lives up to that name! I am sorry for the long post..but this polish deserves it!

I have been drooling over my laptop when i clocked this on Ninjas website, but it was always out of stock...which strangely makes me want it more!!  So i swooped in on the last restock and bagged me a bit of Hanukkah!!

i have blurred the pic just so you can see that multi holo goodness!!!

Man oh man....I'm a blue you may or may not know by now, and this ticks all of Mimi's boxes...pretty (HUGE tick)....sparkly (HUGE tick).....easy application (HUGE tick) in fact everything has a HUGE tick!  This polish will be right up there with my all time favourite blue polishes, its just to damn delicious! in fact i have to say the Ninjas i own (most recent being the strawberries n roses and Alexandrite...they are amazing to, so i see me and Ninja Polishes being best buddies from now on!) 

I could ramble on and on about the loveliness of this, my camera just couldn't pick up all of the proper spazzed out at it, so see the sparkles??......treble that and you might be close in the flesh! This polish contains THE must beautiful blue matte glitters...very reminiscent of the floam family....but here is the clincher....beautiful multicoured holographic glitter get the best of both wolds, and man, in the sun that holographic dazzles!  I layered this over Orly blue skies...perfecto!! If you haven't got Hanukkah yet rush over to Ninja Polish now! xxxx


  1. This is beautiful! All of those!

  2. Gorgeous pictures my dahling Mimi!! I love this blue. I think I got all of Ninja's new releases with the exception of this one. Why oh why do I do that? I sometimes overlook the most gorgeous out of the collection.

    1. awwww thank you angel patty, i am yet to get theothers from this collection buti a without a doubt gonna own them very soon, this one is ten times prettier in the flesh! xxxx