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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Emily De Molly Black Forest

Hello my sweeties.  Just a quick(ish) post bring you Emily De Molly Black Forest.  Another day another lemming of mine popping through my letter box...making Mimi a very happy polish addict indeed. 

I have been wanting this polish (along with muted madness which is the other polish that arrived yesterday and fifth element which i managed to snag the other day when Llarowe restocked..ahhh happy days!) thank god for Llarowe carrying this line because myself and my sister have been drooling over our laptops for ageeees!!

BF is everything i thought it would be and more....seriously seriously stunning.  Now then for those wishing to buy this i will forewarn that this is intended to be used as a top coat.  I didn't realise this when i bought it and when i went to polish my nails it was very sheer.  I thought to myself if i built it up to much the glitter would get lost within each other, so i decided to take off the first coat and layered it over an un named deep that's a bit of me!  Wow and a million wows i LOVE it!!  This just reminded me so much of the Wizard Of Oz emerald city!! 

Bf has a very sheer blackened base with 2 sized hex emerald glitter and micro black glitters.  Application was easy peasy on this....i used 2 coats for the pictures shown.