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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Red Carpet Manicure Only In Hollywood

Hello my sweeties! I am hoping you guys are all well and good, I know I'm feeling good today, the sun Is shining here in the UK and I've got pretty nails!

I wanted to show you Only In Hollywood by Red carpet Manicure....a brand I am really liking at the moment!

This is a super glam vibrant red that is seriously va va voom!  It is made even more beautiful by the stunning micro glitter in the base....seriously lovely!! 

I think my shots speak for themselves...utter loveliness even if I do say so myself!  I thought these were just to nice not to add extra glam factor so I added a little gem on my ring fingers...loving this!  Have an awesome weekend my friends! xxx


  1. Looks gorgeous on you. I have this polish too but have not managed to use it sucessfully, presume because I have a flourescent UV light, not LED - which I think are stronger/faster?