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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Picture Polish scores again...Whimsy is a keeper!!

I know I run the risk of sounding like a broken record buuuuuut.....I love me some blue polish, and I love me some Picture Polish, so what happens when the two meet??? well folks let me tell you with a picture......

picture polish whimsy blue shimmer polish

 Yep that's what happens....a phenomenal outrageously beautiful polish...aptly named Whimsy! 

I loved each picture so much I have to spam you guys...but hey, its pretty so who cares right?!

This is a great collaboration shade with Lindsey from Neverland Nail Blog ...Words cant describe how much I adore this, it is a polish that I see me wearing all year round because its so beautifully bright its perfect for summer but it is icy enough to pass for a winter colour to...perfecto!!!

Whimsy is a bright baby pale blue with what looks like small golden flakies in the bottle but on the nail it translates to more of a golden shimmer, in certain lights the golden shimmer takes on greenish tones.  Whimsy is also a polish that is more opaque than I expected.  When I saw pictures online before I bought this I thought that this one was definitely going to be one to layer.  Thankfully this isn't the case, the colour you see, is indeed the colour you get!

Application and formula were amazing as always, Picture Polish sure knows how to create a treat for their customers which is why they are without doubt one of my favourite brands!

If you don't own this polish yet I suggest you throw all inhibitions to the wall and buy with confidence you will be owning a stunner!  You can buy this here at Picture Polish or Sally Magpies or Llarowe

Monday, 24 June 2013

OMG my new favourite polish Chanel Azure

Damn damn damn I am in love.....a love so big I wish I could dress this polish up in a tux and marry it!!!!  Last week (I think) I reviewed the awesome Chanel Bel-Argus (find it here ) and I genuinely thought I had bought the best of the 3 polishes from this collection, I mean, its blue and beautiful so I thought that was me sold.

chanel azure blue metallic

 That pesky Azure kept calling me and I gave I am glad I is freaking AMAZING!!!!! I apologise for the spam of pics but I just loved every one so I had to post them.

This polish is a stunning turquoise metallic finish.  Unlike Bel-Argus, Azure has a pretty dramatic colour shift quality to it, when the sun hits it, boy is this pretty.  I love the way the colour shifts from a gorgeous turquoise tropical green to having stunning dark blue filtering the outside in...if that makes sense, I think my pics will do the talking!

Application, formula and dry time were A+.  There really is no negative to this polish...have I told you I LOVE it!!!

Looky at more pics!
I hope you guys love this as much as I do...o buy it, like NOW cos this is a limited edition...and I own it!! YIPPEE!!

Friday, 21 June 2013

Wow maybe the prettiest summer combo ever? nails inc Wellington Square

Hello my lovelies, how are we all doing today??  I have decided to drop by and share with you possibly one of the prettiest colour combos I have done that screams summer to me! (god knows we need it here in the UK)
nails inc wellington square coral peach L'oreal gold lurex

I have used Nails Inc Wellington Square as the base colour.  This is a STUNNING light peach colour, it is so soft and lovely but strangely it has a kind of neon feel about it, without it being neon...if that makes sense?!  It is bright and extremely beautiful.  I used 2 coats which applied great.  The first coat goes a little on the streaky side but the 2nd evened it right out.  Nails Inc is always a winner for me so formula was excellent.

I always like to have a play about with what I have in my stash so I decided to add a coat of L'Oreal Diamon Caret, which by the way Is beautiful.  It gave this a lovely soft silvery white sheen.  Then I did a reverse gradient with L'Oreal Gold Lurex.

I think you will agree this is a stunning combination! I love it so much I have had this on for 3 days!! 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Enchanted Polish Future Reflections

Ahhhh guys I have missed you all!! Life keeps getting in the way of my blogging but I am back!!!  I am going to show you a steller polish that is guaranteed to make you sigh at the sheer prettiness of it...all this in the form of Enchanted Polish Future Reflections.

enchanted polish future reflections holographic

For goodness sake, EP really can do no wrong can they?? Enchanted really holds a special place in my heart because Disco Barbie was the very first indie polish I owned, from there my friends, my love affair has grown...along with the popularity of EP, crikey its hard to snag one these days! 

So Future Reflections is part of The Time To Pretend Collection and wow its something else in person!  It is highly holographic in the right light, blinding in direct sunlight.  This is totally not like anything I own, its very chrome effect, mixed with the holo...winner! 

In certain lights this polish takes on real purple/pinky tones, move of the hand and I see blues and even copper!!  It is just to interesting for words really, I feel like I have changed my polish in different lighting!

Application and dry time were faultless as you would expect, I used 3 coats for these shots.  I didn't use a top coat for this polish as I have had issues with it dulling the holo in previous Enchanteds.....BUT I can say wear was excellent on this, I wore this for 3 days with NO chipping and hardly any tip wear! Well done Enchanted, another  excellent addition to the family!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Chanel Bel-Argus and Loreal Gold Lurex

Hey guys.  I have such a beautiful polish to show you today, this baby should come with a warning it is that nice!!  I was perusing around Bluewater and just so happened to pass all the lovely beautiful polish counters (funny how that always happens! lol).  When I spotted the new releases from heart skipped a beat!! Azure is another beauty that I am yet to own....but trust me, I will!!
chanel bel-argus blue metallic loreal gold lurex

So Bel-Argus is a limited edition metallic stunning shimmery blue. 

I love how the blue shifts to different shades of blue depending on the lighting, in one sense it could be a super light blue and others it shifts much some lights it actually looks like it glows on the nails...perfection!

Application was faultless, it was smooth and fast drying, as you would expect from Chanel. 

I don't usually spend so much money on one polish but man, I felt positively regal knowing A, this bad boy is Chanel and B, knowing not everyone will be wearing this shade!  I truly think if blue is your colour then you NEED this in your life!

For added glamour factor I did a reverse gradient effect with L'Oreal Gold Lurex.  OMG I love this polish!  It is the gold glitter topper I have been searching for!  It is so beautiful and perfect!  Set in a clear base it is full of small golden glitter.  They lay perfectly smooth to the nail.  I adore this because i  tend to not  like in your face larger golds, this is the perfect alternative!

Friday, 7 June 2013

Ekkk Great British Nail Blogger Giveaway is here!!

Ok m y angels, I am here with some VERY exciting news.....a GIANT HUGE HUGE giveaway that I am so happy to be part of!  A group of us fab ladies have all clubbed together to bring you a giveaway worth a mahhhhhosive $250!!

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