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Friday, 24 October 2014

Julep Halloween Nail Art Fest!! and tutorial!

Well hello lovelies, I told you I would be back...and here I am!!  I hope this day finds you all well and happy. 

A while ago I was contacted by the lovely Abbey at Julep asking me to take part in a blogathon of nail art for Halloween.  Of course I am a sucker for nail art, and Halloween for that matter so I jumped at the chance. 

Here my friends is my little design I came up with.  This is all done free-handed.  Considering I haven't really done detailed nail art for some time im kinda pleased with these...although I can see my mistakes! 

For my design I used a Colour Club green (the label had come off so I cant tell you which one lol and the pumpkin was of course Julep Marjorie.  The black and white was acrylic paint.  I would of course recommend you checking out Juleps  nail polish colours as they have some awesome colours!

Abbey also forwarded me a special nail art tutorial for my lovely readers to try...I would loooove to see your manicures when you try this great tutorial...please do let me see!

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